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How To Choose A Herbalife Program
How To Choose Herbalife Programs, Which Herbalife Program Is For Me? Herbalife ShapeWorks Programs

Herbalife A Plan                               Quickstart Protein Plus                    Fast
 image-Herbalife Quickstart Protein Plus
Herbalife Quick Start Protein Plus Program -A
For people who want great nutrition and the large 30 day supply of Formula 1 shake, also includes a canister of Personalized Protein Powder to help satisfy hunger and raise the metabolism.

Herbalife B Plan                           Advanced Protein Plus                     Faster
 image-Herbalife Advanced Protein Plus
Herbalife Advanced Protein Plus Program - B
Losing weight was never easier, Herbalife ShapeWorks Advanced Protein
Plus, includes a large 30 day supply of Formula 1 Shake, Personalized Protein Powder to help satisfy hunger and raise the metabolism.
Total Control Tablets powerful appetite suppressant and Cell-U-Loss for extra inch loss.

Herbalife C Plan                           Herbalife Ultimate Protein Plus     Fastest
 image-Herbalife Ultimate Protein Plus
Herbalife Ultimate Protein Plus Program - C
Lose the weight yesterday! Get all the benefits of the above programs Includes the large 30 day supply of Formula 1 Shake and Personalized Protein Powder. Enjoy the snack pack sampler "choose your protein snacks effortlessly" Our protein snacks make it simple to stay on your program and still snack in between shakes and dinner.

Herbalife Results
 image-Herbalife Before and After Photos

The next 3 programs below do not include Personalized Protein  
Fast 8-12 pounds            
 image-Herbalife Quickstart
Herbalife Quick Start Program
For people who want great nutrition and lose a few extra pounds, Herbalife ShapeWorks Quickstart Program is designed to help start you on the road to a better and healthier new you.

Faster 12-18 pounds
 image-Herbalife Advanced
Herbalife Advanced Program
For people who want to lose weight faster, adding the extra appetite control of Herbalife's Total Control Tablets, Cell-U-Loss for inch loss. 
Herbalife ShapeWorks Advanced Program is designed to help you lose weight while keeping your appetite under control. 

Fastest 18-30 pounds 
 image-Herbalife Ultimate
Herbalife Ultimate Program
Experience Herbalife's ShapeWorks Ultimate Program for people that need to lose weight with a strict goal in mind. "Say an upcoming wedding, cruise, or family get together." With extra fat burning products like Herbalife Cell-U-loss and Snack Defense weight loss comes faster and easier.

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"My health problems were unbearable."
image-Shapeworks protein results
The high price of weight problems
As his weight escalated to over 400 pounds, Michael was taking more than 11 costly prescription medications a month just to keep his diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other debilitating conditions, such as ulcerative colitis, from worsening. Chronic-fatigue syndrome zapped his energy and kept him home bound except for visits to doctors and pharmacies. According to Michael, "The physical and emotional pain of my health problems were becoming unbearable. I tried many weight-loss systems, but none worked consistently, and I was beginning to doubt whether I would ever feel well enough to work or have a happy social life."

Exceeding all expectations
One day Michael responded to a "Work-from-Home" ad and was invited to an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. "I wasn’t expecting much, but I can tell you that my attitude and outlook took a positive turn the minute I walked through that door and saw for myself the happiness I was missing," he recalls.

Tremendous weight loss and health gains
Even Michael’s doctor thought that Herbalife was worth a try. From day one on Herbalife's Weight-Management Program, Michael felt his energy level rising as his weight steadily dropped. And 15 months after starting on the Herbalife program, Michael’s health had improved so much that his doctors took him off every previously prescribed medication. "I love these amazing products. Not only do I feel great, I look great! My waist has shrunk from 61 inches to 34 inches, " Michael excitedly states.*

Key motivator: "Life was slipping by in misery."
Diet tip: "Herbalife nutrition is much better than overeating. It keeps me from being hungry. Also, remember to drink lots of water."
Favorite "thin ’n fit" activity: "Walking everywhere, especially to the gym and back."

Before: 487 pounds
After: 177 pounds
Lost: 310 pounds

How To Choose Herbalife Programs, Which Herbalife Program Is For Me? Herbalife ShapeWorks Programs