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How Long Does Herbalife Last

Herbalife tablets last approximately 30 days! Herbalife tea "Herbal Concentrate" may last longer than 30 days. Your shakes could run out sooner! If you order a program that includes the large give the canister a shake to fluff up the powder before scooping. You can make your Herbalife shake last longer. Don't scoop compacted powder. Your shake will last about 3.5 weeks. Herbalife Shakes are also taken once a day by people who are interested in proper nutrition and not weight loss, in this case your Herbalife shake will last 30 days.

Herbalife Lasts 7-10 Days On Muscle Gain Plan

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People eat Herbalife shakes to gain weight taking them 3 time per day, along with 3 full meals. Of course your Herbalife will only last about 7-10 days in the weight gain example.

How To Make Herbalife Weight Loss Plan Last

When ordering an Herbalife Advanced plan or any other of the weight loss programs add a second Herbalife shake. Herbalife Shakes last either 2 weeks or 3.5 weeks depending on the size shake you order. Order two Herbalife shakes 750 grams size and your Herbalife shakes will last well in to the second month.
Herbalife Lasts approximately 30 days.